We have been passionate about our gear since we were little. It started with our own archeological expeditions in the back woods of our childhood’s homes. To us, we were in the jungles of South America, with our Jansport backpack carrying a magnifying glass, a penlight, a swiss army knife, containers for collecting treasure, and some rope. Hours were spent with friends and “enemies” in search of the grail of the moment.  We loved every adventure, but it wouldn’t be real without our gear.  Losing anything meant a character had disappeared from the story. How would we succeed on the next quest?

We are grown up now (at least we’re taller), and we still go on our adventures.  Our gear has become more expensive and more specialized. Some of us have kids who are following in our footsteps, with their own gear and losing it is painful to everyone involved.

But what if you could find what has been lost? We thought long and hard about how to increase the chance of recovering our gear.  After searching for lost and found services, we noticed that most, if not all, were targeting phones, laptops and high-end electronics.  Don’t get us wrong, those devices are very important.  However, what about the things that helped us create our new stories and memories.  That lucky rope we never climb without; the paddle that safely got us through the most challenging rapids; and the trusty camping stove that gives you a hot meal at the end of a long day.

So, over a ski weekend and another near loss of a brand new GoPro,  gearcovery was born.  A place for outdoor enthusiasts to manage and tag their inventory.  Allowing those who find your lost gear a site where they can notify and return it to you.  We understand that sometimes gear that goes ‘missing’ may never come back. We hope to a build a community that believes in taking a few proactive steps to better their odds of retrieval.  Because we love our gear.

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