Who is gearcovery?

We are a diehard group of outdoor enthusiasts who are passionate about gear and see a need for a service that helps this community recover their lost gear.

What do we do?

Simply put, we provide a lost and found service platform utilizing unique Tags/IDs to help you recover your lost gear.  We also have a Gear Inventory Management System (Gear Manager) for you to catalog all of your stuff.

How does it all work?

All gearcovery subscription members are assigned unique Tags/IDs that can be adhered or attached to their gear. If an item is lost and found by someone, the finder can either enter the ID at our website or email a photo of the ID to us. We will notify the owner that something was found and help facilitate the recovery.

What are Tags/IDs?

Currently, we offer 2 types of Tags/IDs. The first is a sticker that has a permanent adhesive. We offer two different shapes as well – a 1.5” diameter circle and a 1.5” x .75” rectangle. The other type is a removable Circle keychain with 1.825” diameter. All Tags/IDs are laminated, weatherproof and waterproof.  For more detail, click here.

Do I need a subscription to use the platform?

Yes and No. The minimum requirement to use components of the service is that you need to be a registered user. A registered user has access to the Gear Manager and can add an unlimited amount of items.  However, you will not have any Tags/IDs assigned to help with recovery. Only active subscribers are assigned unique Tags/IDs for recovery.

What is the gearmanager?

The gearmanager is your asset management system. Using this application you can do the following:

  • Catalog all of your gear
  • Assign IDs, owners & activities to each item
  • Track gear maintenance & repair
  • Location check-in

For a view of the gearmanager, click here.

How much does the subscription cost?

We offer multiple subscriptions. The length of membership is yearly. To learn more on pricing, click here.

What is the best way to apply Tag/ID Stickers?
  • Clean the surface prior to application to ensure the surface is not contaminated.
  • Use firm pressure when applying the ID stickers to increase adhesive contact to the application surface. The adhesive is activated with pressure.
  • Warm temperatures will make the adhesive more pliable, and will increase surface contact when applying to textured surfaces. When extremely cod, the adhesive will have less initial tack and will take longer to cure. Its recommended the stickers and application surface to be between 70-90°F for optimal adhesion.
  • Give adhesive time to cure after applying. We recommend a minimum 30-60 minutes. However, the longer you can wait, the better. The pressure of applying the label begins a curing process.
  • Recommend that you store ID Stickers at temperatures between 60-90°F.
Does a finder of a gearcovery Tag/ID know my contact information?

Your Tag/ID and all of the gear/personal information associated with it, is completely anonymous to the finder.  Unless we have your permission, we do not send any of your contact information to the finder.

Do you provide business accounts for companies that provide gear sales, rentals, memberships, etc?

Yes. Our platform is very flexible and customizable for most needs. We can create Gear Manager interface that helps you manage your customers and their stuff. In this scenario, your business contact and your customer can be notified if a lost item has been found.

For example, a Resort could provide unique IDs to each of its golf members. If someone loses a club, both the resort and the owner would be notified when of a the found item.

Can you provide custom Tags/IDs for our business?

Yes. Branded Tags/IDs can be created. We can also direct the found link to either go your site or ours.

What if the Tags/IDs aren’t going to work for me or I need something custom?

We are happy to discuss alternative options and always looking for feedback/new ideas. We work with great partners. The minimum requirements are is their room for a unique, ID, found URL and is it readable.