gearmanager – Manage all your assets

Keeping track of our stuff is great in theory, but its so hard to practice in reality when its so easy to accumulate more and more. Add a partner's or family members' gear to the equation and it is overwhelming.
Fear not, we are here to help manage all of those assets. No longer do you need to keep a spreadsheet or multiple notebooks with your latest toys.
Introducing gearcovery's gearmanager, the best way to catalog all of your inventory. With this application, you have the ability to assign Tags/IDs, owners, nicknames, etc to your gear. You can add as much or as little to each piece and utilizing a gearcovery Tag/ID, we will also help you recover anything that becomes lost. This list of your most prized assets gives you the piece of mind to know who is using your gear and where it made its last appearance. Also, you now have a record of all your stuff to provide to your Home Insurance provider in the case of loss or theft. We will be adding more functionality in future releases and welcome feedback/ideas from you too!


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